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About The SCCTD:

St Clair County Transit District

The St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) was created in 1981 under the Illinois Mass Transit District Act. SCCTD does not operate any buses directly but has executed contracts with others to provide transportation service for the fifteen townships that make up the District. The fifteen Townships in the District include:

East St. Louis 
St. Clair 
Shiloh Valley 
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The membership of the Board of Trustees of the SCCTD is required by State law to include one Mayor, one Township Supervisor, one County Board member and two members of the general public. The SCCTD Board of Trustees is comprised of Herbert Simmons, Mayor of East Carondelet, Michael Sullivan, Supervisor of Sugarloaf Township, Lonnie Mosley, St. Clair County Board member, Richard Meile, a member of the general public, and Delores Lysakowski, a member of the general public. Mrs. Lysakowski serves as Chairperson. SCCTD Board members are appointed by the Chairman of the St. Clair County Board with the advice and consent of the County Board. SCCTD Board members serve without compensation except they are paid a stipend of $50 for attending their regular monthly meeting. They are also reimbursed for actual mileage to attend the meeting.

The SCCTD is a special purpose unit of local government that is empowered to collect a .25 percent sales tax within the District for the purpose of providing public transportation within the District. In 1990 the voters of the District approved a referendum that permitted the imposition of an additional .50 percent sales tax within the District specifically to finance the design, construction and operation of a light rail transit system within the District.

The SCCTD uses the proceeds from the .25 percent sales tax to pay for a contract it has with the Bi-State Development Agency for the operation of all the fixed-route MetroBus service within the District, to pay for a contract with ATS (the Alternative Transportation System) for the provision of a call-a-ride type service for all the disabled persons within the District and to pay for its general operating expenses.

Proceeds from the .50 percent sales tax may only be used to finance the design, construction and operation of the MetroLink light rail system. The District has an agreement with the Bi-State Development Agency that provides that Bi-State will undertake the design, construction and operation of the MetroLink light rail project with appropriate input and controls from the District. The 17.5 mile, $339 million project opened to the public in May 2001. The Bi-State Development Agency is responsible for ensuring that the procurement process complies with the regulations of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the United States Department of Labor. To help ensure this compliance, quarterly meetings are held with representatives of the FTA for an extensive review of project activities.

Throughout the process of designing the St. Clair County MetroLink extension the SCCTD insisted on including community and neighborhood interests in the decision-making. Each municipality with a MetroLink station was invited to appoint a Station Area Committee who assisted in designing and developing plans for their particular station and in developing station area plans for areas immediately adjoining the stations. Each of these Station Area Committees met multiple times throughout 1996 and 1997 to assist the project design consultant in developing plans which are consistent with the desires and attitudes of the people of the community in which the station is located. These station plans are a part of the MetroLink project. This level of community participation in the design of a major transportation project is unprecedented in this region. It is also something that would not have happened but for the insistence of County Board Chairman John Baricevic and the SCCTD.

Another mechanism designed to provide the people of St. Clair County with assurances that the MetroLink extension would be executed with sensitivity to the concerns and desires of the community was the creation of the MetroLink Policy Management and Oversight Committee (MPMOC). The MPMOC was created at the insistence of the SCCTD to advise the Board of Commissioners of Bi-State Development Agency regarding the design, construction and operation of the MetroLink light rail transit system. It was comprised of four representatives of St. Clair County and three representatives of the Board of Commissioners of the Bi-State Development Agency.

The development of a bicycle trail adjacent to the St. Clair County MetroLink extension is an important adjunct to this project. The initial segment of the MetroLink bike trail runs from Southwestern Illinois College to approximately North End Park in the City of Belleville. Funding for the balance of the bike trail is in place and final design and engineering are underway for the segment from North End Park all the way to the Swansea Station, Memorial Hospital Station, and the Fairview Heights MetroLink station.

When the St. Clair County MetroLink extension opened in May of 2001 the entire public transportation system in St. Clair County changed. By taking advantage of MetroLink as a high speed, high capacity public transportation system transit users in St. Clair County find that more options are available to them. Many MetroBus routes provide service later in the evening and many areas have more MetroBus service available on Saturdays and Sundays. New consolidated MetroBus schedules and maps have been developed. During the final months of 2000 and throughout 2001 new buses were added to the MetroBus fleet for use throughout St. Clair County. Over half of the MetroBus fleet in St. Clair County has been replaced as of 2001.

On August 9, 2000 Governor George Ryan presented a check from the Illinois FIRST program for $60 million for the extension of MetroLink from Southwestern Illinois College to Scott Air Force Base. Engineering on the extension to Scott Air Force Base is complete and construction began in early 2001. Extension opened June 23, 2003. The estimated cost for this segment of the MetroLink extension is $75 million.

The final segment of the St. Clair County MetroLink extension will connect Scott Air Force Base with MidAmerica Airport. Representatives of the St. Clair County Transit District and the Bi-State Development Agency are working with the Federal Transit Administration to secure funding for that segment.




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